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Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Are you giving a piece of jewelry, chocolates or item that holds a special meaning for you and your beloved? Present this treasure in a Gift Box by Elaine and Voila...Two Gifts in One! Our boxes are perfect for showcasing any gift: jewelry, gift cards or checks, note cards and stamps, cigars and playing cards….any small treasure. Perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Graduations, Father's Day, Birthdays - any occasion. Check out our web store now!

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Short Description: Watch out, Pardner...there's some Bad Boys in Town! Bull Dogs, Setters, Shepherds and other Canines in cowboy hats, bandannas and gun holsters against a rocky backdrop cover this outside of this box. Inside, you'll find more dogs in Western duds against a black background. This whimsical box not only has practical uses, but will make you smile! Comes in one size only - 5.25" x 3.75" x 2".
Short Description: This gift box has the appearance of a painting, the flowers are so rich with color. Lavender flowers of different hues and green leaves against a black background make this an exceptionally beautiful box. An intricate silver filigree sets off the lip of the lid. Floral decals against a black background highlight the interior cover and bottom. The Striped Purple Floral is lovely as an individual box or as a set.
Short Description: This beautiful gift box features a blue drafgonfly with shimmering wings against a blue and gold background. The lip of the lid is encircled with gold cording and a small gold flower accent. The inside is also stunning with a dragonfly against an antique gold satin. No wonder the Shimmering Dragonfly has become one of our most popular gift boxes!
Short Description: Multi-colored musical notes seem to glow brightly on this special gift box. Black Ribbon and Black Crystal accent the lip of the lid and more neon notes against a black background finish the padded interior bottom. The Neon Musical Notes Gift is certain to be a hit with anyone who enjoys music. Comes in one size only - 5.25"x 3.75"x 3".
Short Description: Understated elegance and sophistication are the hallmarks of this gift box. Antique gold spikes against a black background make this a standout contemporary box. Antique gold braid surrounds the lip of the lid which is finished off by a beautiful golden filigree. Inside the Golden Spikes gift box, you'll find a dramatic setting of the spikes against black satin. This striking gift box comes in one size only - 5.25" x 3.75" x 2" .
Short Description: Everything you need for Bingo Bonanza is on this fabric - cards, chips, and call numbers. A great place to store your markers until the game begins. Trimmed with red ribbon. Inside, you'll find more bingo decals. Terrific gift box for the dedicated Bingo player. Comes in one size only - 8" x 5" x 2".
Short Description: The Sun's Face, outlined in blue on yellow sparkle fabric, beams upon you from this celestial gift box. Blue sparkle fabric with yellow astrological designs cover bottom part of box and inner lid. Golden sun filigree adorns lip of gift box and sun face decal appears on inside bottom.
Short Description: Get in the Groove with these marvelous canine musicians. Dogs of many breeds dressed in stylish duds mix it up on their guitars, drum and trumpet against a maize background with musical notes scattered about. Canine musician decals on black background appear on the interior lid and bottom. Piano keys set off lip of upper lid on this whimsical gift box. Terrific gift for dog lovers and music lovers alike! Comes in one size only - 7" x 4.5" x 1.5".

Gift Boxes by Elaine Have So Many Uses!

Over the years, our customers have touched our hearts and made us laugh with stories about our gift boxes in use. Our Christmas boxes have been part of the annual gift exchange. Some have held engagement rings and special pieces of jewelry, a granddaughter’s ‘binky’ so she would set it aside (but not out of sight), mementos, menorah candles, guitar pics, tarot cards….and two frogs (not recommended).

Practical uses include:

  • Storing “Dresser Junk”
  • Business card holder for your desk
  • Hiding a complete deck of playing cards for the adults to use  Black Oriental Flower Set
  • Note cards and stamps for that 80-year old who is a gift-stumper
  • Unique way to present a gift card or check for any special occasion
  • A place to put your rings and watches at night
  • And most of all...a place for young and old to store their treasures!

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Recycled materials are used in making our Gift Boxes.

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